Do you want to learn to teach piano improvisation, use piano improvisation as a music educator, or simply play your piano or keyboard?

No matter what your reason, this course will teach you to express yourself musically through piano improvisation.

I am enjoying improvising as I lead an adult Dalcroze Eurhythmics class in Midtown Manhattan NYC!

It is freeing to be able to adapt to whatever music class your are teaching. Being able to improvise gives you this freedom!

Improvising Sparks Joy!

My grandson loves his drums! There is no hesitation when you allow yourself to have a beginner's mind!

It is quite natural for beginners and young children to explore. This course will lead you to beginner's mind through carefully crafted lectures that develop your ability to make music!

Incorporating other instruments into piano improvisation courses is a blast!

SO many talented musicians are in this picture. We started with "Introduction to Piano Improvisation" material and ended up really jamming.

This course is closed for enrollment.

Start improvising now!

This course is open for enrollment!