My inaugural course is Introduction to Piano Improvisation! This is the first in a series of courses that help you to Learn Piano Improvisation!!

There are written instructions and videos. Each lecture has a written lesson with instructions plus 3 videos including introduction to the material, step by step illustration of the written lesson, and finally an interactive, more advanced video.


Please Note:

If you are an in-person student or private student of mine you qualify for a discounted price. Please ask me for the code.

Hi! I'm Leslie Purcell Upchurch. I have been improvising on the piano for many years, first as a Dalcroze Eurhythmics teacher then as a free form improviser in various performance venues in Manhattan. I have been able to use my ideas for teaching improvisation to both Dalcroze Eurhythmics teachers in training and with private piano students.

I have a Masters of Music in Piano Performance from the University of Wisconsin, Madison and a Bachelor's of Fine Arts in Piano Performance from Carnegie Mellon University. I hold Dalcroze certification from both Carnegie Mellon University and from Ithaca College. My License in Dalcroze is from Carnegie Mellon University.